Murder Mystery Events -  Black Ivy Mysteries


1960's - A Shot in the Dark

At the height of the 'swinging sixties' -

the Purple Haze Club is where it's all happening!....

There are many themes to choose from...

Here are a few examples of the themes available......

'The Revivals'

1970's Murder Mystery - dress for the era to add to the fun!

A Jolly Sinister Soiree

A 1920's Whodunnit - dress to kill!?

Death By Chocolate!

Over Indulgent - what a way to go!

The 'Office Party'

With a fancy dress theme!


What the Butler Saw

Touring Theatre Company


With a school theme - Matron is not pleased!


An Extension to Die For

Not quite the tranquil setting...who's been plotting and planting

in this garden?

Based in the modern era


Karnaby Killer

1960's - In the groove at the Karnaby Club....

Dead on Cue

A Pantomime Whodunnit

Night of Revenge

Witches and Eerie Goings on!



1920's Gathering at Gatsby Hall

A Social Event with surprises and shocks in store!



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